Sennheiser's amazing in-car audio system

When the whole car becomes a loudspeaker: Sennheiser's amazing in-car audio system


     At CES 2020, Continental and Sennheiser demonstrated that you can make a car sound without using a single loudspeaker. 

     The two manufacturers combined their respective technologies, Ambeo 3D for Sennheiser and Ac2ated Sound for Continental. 

     The device, inspired by string instruments that use their structure as a sound box, reproduces a 3D sound by vibrating elements of the car's interior such as the membranes of a loudspeaker thanks to acoustic transducers.

     "The result is an extremely natural sound experience for the occupants, who feel as if they are sitting in a concert hall surrounded by sound," Continental and Sennheiser explain. This acoustic process is nothing new. 

     LG and Sony have been using it for a long time and have integrated it into TV sets at CES 2017.

     In the case of the automobile, the innovation offered by Continental and Sennheiser has many advantages. First of all, the weight can be reduced by 75 to 90 percent compared to existing audio systems. 

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     There is also space savings and space freed up by the presence of the speakers, giving designers greater freedom. It remains to be seen when this technology will make its appearance in production cars. 

     Neither Continental nor Sennheiser has given any indication on this point.