12 steps to become super rich

The 12 keys to getting rich


     Are you tired of working for others, sweating for someone else's fortune? Are you no longer satisfied with your income? or are you still financially dependent on a third party? you have clicked on the right link.

          Believe that you deserve to be rich...

     You must believe that you deserve wealth, because if you don't believe me you will miss out on great opportunities, if you don't believe that you deserve wealth you will sabotage your own efforts.

     Wanting a life full of abundance, while believing that it is not possible, and like wanting to drive a car while pushing both the accelerator and the brake, you see it can't work that way.

     People who have succeeded, know that they have control over their own destiny, that's why the little things like poverty, lack of education, and disability, do not prevent them from succeeding, it's true these factors can influence the quality of life in a certain way, but they should not prevent you from moving forward.

     Do you know that not all millionaires are rich, a good part of the rich started from nothing to build a whole empire around them, Thomas Edison was excluded from the school system but that did not prevent her from doing great works, such as the light bulb.

          Define your objectives

      If you have made a resolution to become richer and more independent, you surely have something on your mind, clearly define your goals, memorize them on a medium and anchor them deep within yourself so that it motivates you every day, you will never forget them again. 

     Your unconsciousness itself will help you to achieve this in any way.

     Evaluate the value of the wealth you wish to obtain in one year two years and beyond, define what a richer future for you is, a large property, a sumptuous and comfortable home, luxurious furniture or equipment and accessories, branded cars, companies etc. 

     Where you may be the envy to travel around the world with this money, explore the world and its different cultures its natural wealth etc..

          No matter what your plans are

     Prioritize your goals so that you don't waste your money, or miss them, or at worst, lose your head wondering what you will do with them. You must then concentrate all your efforts in order to be able to respect his plans.

     To set goals well, learn self-discipline, if you have decided to become rich you must prepare yourself mentally, as you will have guessed you will sooner or later have to quit your job if you work for someone else, then nobody will dictate your responsibilities, your schedules and your goals.

     You must therefore learn to define them and manage them for yourself, then when you become the owner of a business, or even of a large financial empire, it is up to you to dictate your own to your future employees, you must become aware of the length of the road you are going to take, know that you will have to face various obstacles that may come from your entourage, or from yourself, you will always need a contingency plan that will allow you to get up and continue, even if it means starting afresh.

     You will need to be strong, courageous, strategic and cultured, as you will need more and more knowledge, skills and experience to win this challenge.

           Become thrifty

     Learn how to manage your money well on your own, be thrifty, moderate your expenses according to your budget, stick to the essentials and avoid crazy expenses, but it's not just the expenses themselves, take care of all your properties so that they last long enough.

     You won't need to buy any more before a long time, it's only temporary because when you become rich, you will be able to increase your expenses and realize many more projects, you will live in comfort but you will have to continue this good management.

     Just because your bank account continues to grow does not mean that the money will not dry up for a while, even if you let yourself go.

          Eliminate your debts

     As long as you are in debt you would have difficulty getting out of poverty, being poor and indebted and the greatest burden you can bear, of course I am talking about bad debt, such as consumer credit, which is personal loans, but particularly credit cards, if you have borrowed for a real estate investment the situation is completely different, using credit as leverage, is a wise exercise, using credit to meet your superficial needs, is an unreasonable practice.

     A rich person is a person who has no debt, so be disciplined and pay your debts, once and for all.


     From today, make the resolution to save regularly according to your income, if you receive them monthly, first calculate your monthly budget, including a certain margin and put the rest in a savings account, when your income will increase added to your savings, while keeping a good proportion.



     When your savings start to grow, you can use some of the money for income-generating activities, such as investments. If you already have a fund to start with, you can start investing already, while continuing to save.

Its investments, can bring you large sums of money, if you know where to put your money, and when. 

     You must therefore stay on top of the markets in all the sectors that interest you, so that you can be there when the time is right for you. Depending on your skills you can go into the stock market, or into real estate investment.  

     Furnished or unfurnished rental real estate, and if you are not skilled in these fields, you can call upon the services of a broker, or a wealth manager, or a competent professional, who will then do the work for you, you will simply provide the funds, and thus reap the rewards.

     At the same time, if you already have a large estate, you can use it properly to generate income, instead of letting it sit there waiting for your children to receive an inheritance.

     For long-term investments, you can choose between life insurance and other investments, such as those offered by banks and other financial institutions, bonds, shares, share savings plans, etc. 

     The more time passes, the more your income will increase, your comfort and that of your family will be guaranteed in a few years, and for a long time, and also that of your retirement.

     All these activities, will generate considerable income, if you make good use of them, they have already allowed many people to become rich and independent, so why not you? While some will be satisfied with their initial investments and stop working as soon as they have enough money, others will continue to grow their wealth, by diversifying their investments. 

          Starting your own business 

     To have the advantage, that is even more money, compared to those who stopped at the investment stage, you have to start your own business, obviously investments made elsewhere, will not always give good returns, independently of you.

     In addition, in some cases again, it is third parties who usually fix your income, so it is not going to be enough to become richer and more independent.

     But if you work in your own business, you can always look for solutions, and make the business run smoothly. 

What's more, you have the power to increase your turnover from year to year, so you will have to find a business idea that has a good chance of success, and that you can develop as you go along.

     You can work in this business for as long as you want, and when the time comes to hand over the management to professionals you have hired, you will now be a wealthy owner, and who knows, perhaps your business will become a multinational.

     On the other hand, do not only dream, great responsibilities and work await you, do not hesitate to complete your assets, by following training courses, develop your sense of communication to find excellent collaborators, go in search of the best advice, gather all your strengths and skills to develop the company, never give up, despite the difficulties all those who have become rich by their own efforts have gone through.

          The appetite for risk

     Opportunities may present themselves to you, to make promising investments, to have a taste for risk because golden opportunities may only arise once in your life, do not make the mistake of saying no and bitterly regretting it. 

This can happen, for example, when the stock market rises or when property prices rise.


     Hired experts, technicians, and professionals especially for management, if you aim high, you will be overwhelmed, you will need them, to advise you, to relay you, and to carry out tasks on which you lack skills.

Nevertheless do not always be blinded by confidence, some will only be there to make you fail.

          Having a mentor

     If you want to become rich, you have to follow the example of those who have succeeded, finding a mentor is essential to succeed in everything you undertake, it's a very good shortcut, because the amount will show you what to do and what to avoid.

That's why you need to read books about success, biographies of those who have succeeded, and motivational stories.



Once you've passed the milestone, you're better off

   If you have been able to plan, and started with good results, already the majority of the previous steps, you need not worry any more, on the contrary you have proved that you have acquired the moral strength, and have taken all the necessary steps to become richer and more independent.

     You can now, switch from one life to another with confidence, you will have already made I imagine your farewell to your previous job, as well as to your old habits and had then involved everything you learned.

     You can now, wade for good in wealth and independence, and you have the means and the skills, but as I doubt that you will ever want to stop increasing your wealth, you must then take care to maintain and better improve your personality, your strategy, and your business.